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Sandra Wright Sutherland

For 30 years, I recorded the thrilling world of velodrome bicycle racing at local, national and international events. I saw shapes and colors, visible to no one else, as riders fought for victory during 40 mph, circular competition.

The historical world of bicycle racing is full of art, not only in such specialties of painting and photography, but also in the art of bicycle framebuilding and associated decals, jersey decor, and all associated visual celebrations of this colorful sport.

I wrote books about this exciting world, which continue to be available."NO BRAKES! Bicycle Track Racing in the United States" shows and explains this dramatic sport. Their visual imagery is shown here, too. "Rainbow Quest" records the life of America's first World Road Cycling Champion, Audrey McElmury. Hundreds of photos illustrate both books.

It is time to "translate" my photos into a visual experience of my internal world. All of the paintings and digitized imagery you see here are taken from the luck of my photos of events and experience that are cycling thrills at their best!