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Cartes du Tour (Maps of the Tour de France) by Paul Fournel for Rapha Editions


Cartes du Tour tells the story of the Tour de France through it route maps for every year from 1903's inaugural race through this years 2018 Tour. Through route maps for each year the author traces the history of the Tour from it's early years through the modern sports spectacle it has become.

The commentary on each year is written in both English and French.


The maps are both decorative and functional.  Many were designed with spaces for the owner to write in the stage and classification winners as the Tour progressed much like our Final Four Brackets today.


A very different and excellent look at the the Tour de France.  The book is currently available on Rapha's web site and in their stores worldwide. We had the good fortune of working with the publisher in providing a number of the maps shown in the book.  Our original Tour de France maps are located here: https://bicyclingart.com/original-vintage/

Lumos - The Bike Helmet with Built-in Lights

Night biking is an adventure into darkness. There is an inherent danger to the world when night falls, even more so to a biker on busy streets or unlit roads. Wearing lights is not only a good idea for bikers, not having them is grounds for a ticket in some places. You want to be [...]

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1937 St Raphael Tandem Bicycle Poster

Fun 1937 St. Raphael QuinQuina poster featuring their "waiters" in traditional Rouge and Blanc colors. This is an example of bicycles being used to advertise other products. Just added to our selection of fine art prints at St Raphael Tandem Bicycle Poster

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A Short History of Paris-Brest-Paris

  In 1891, Pierre Giffard, the publisher of the French newspaper Le Petit Journal, sensed that something had to be done to boost the sagging French morale. Unlike some more conservative journalists of the day who thought the bicycle was an oddity quickly to be disposed of, Giffard was a dyed-in-the-wool cyclist. This was easy in [...]

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Stone Lithography - How Vintage Posters Were Produced

Stone Lithography was invented in 1798 by Aloys Senefelder. The printing process is based on the principle that oil and water do not mix. The artist begins with a smooth block of limestone ("lithos" is Greek for stone). Stone from the Bavarian quarries where Senefelder developed the process is preferred because of it’s qualities. The [...]

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