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Cartes du Tour (Maps of the Tour de France) by Paul Fournel for Rapha Editions


Cartes du Tour tells the story of the Tour de France through it route maps for every year from 1903's inaugural race through this years 2018 Tour. Through route maps for each year the author traces the history of the Tour from it's early years through the modern sports spectacle it has become.

The commentary on each year is written in both English and French.


The maps are both decorative and functional.  Many were designed with spaces for the owner to write in the stage and classification winners as the Tour progressed much like our Final Four Brackets today.


A very different and excellent look at the the Tour de France.  The book is currently available on Rapha's web site and in their stores worldwide. We had the good fortune of working with the publisher in providing a number of the maps shown in the book.  Our original Tour de France maps are located here: https://bicyclingart.com/original-vintage/

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